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Integrated Commercial Energy Services

EcoConsultants is much more than a solar power company with commercial capabilities. The engineering background of our management team brings extensive solar photovoltaic technology and energy management experience to your business, which will enable you to take full advantage of your solar installation in many areas of your operation.

Our distributed generation, energy management and load shifting programs set us apart from any other commercial solar provider.

How It Works

In practice, your solar electricity will be used first by your facility and any excess will go back on to the electric grid, spinning your meter backwards in the process. When you need more power than your solar system supplies like e.g. at night, then your electricity will come directly from the utility grid and your meter will move forward. You are billed for your net electricity consumption via a “net-metering” agreement with the utility company.

The net-metering agreement requires your utility company to import any excess electricity generated by your system and credit your account at the same rate they would have charged you to purchase electricity at that time of day. Your new power bill will show a balance that can be paid or carried forward until the end of the year. If you’ve used more electricity than you’ve generated, the corresponding fee is due. If you’ve generated more than you’ve used, you will not be paid for the difference. We size your system so that you are unlikely to generate more than you use.

With no moving parts, your solar modules require little or no maintenance. Our manufacturers are so confident in their durability and expected performance. They back their solar modules with a 25-year warranty. You can feel safe knowing that your system’s performance is secured by some of the largest corporations in the world like Sharp, Mitsubishi, BP and Evergreen Solar.

What It Costs

EcoConsultants commercial solar systems have been utilized by companies small and large looking to save or in some cases to eliminate their entire electric utility burden. Current conditions allow all types of business organizations to invest in solar electric systems that will provide a return for many years to come.

Right now your solar investment is subsidized by the State of California with a cash rebate, the Federal Government provides an attractive tax credit, and you can enjoy an accelerated state and federal 5-year depreciation schedule. In addition to these lucrative benefits, your system will provide at least 25 years of reduced utility rates. In some cases, depending on your appetite for tax credits, the cost of a commercial solar investment can be paid off in five years.

Does this sound too good to be true? If you wait too long the answer is yes. As state rebate dollars are allocated, the rebate will continue to be diminished by early adopters.

In many cases we can provide financing that does not require any additional money out of your cash flow. Payments come from savings on your electric bill and savings on your taxes.

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