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Commercial Products

Grid-Tie PV Systems

A grid-tie system consists of solar cells and a grid-tie inverter that is installed at offices connected to the electric utility. Solar cells take the sun's energy and turn it into DC electricity. The inverter turns the DC electricity generated by the solar cells into utility grade AC power for use in your home. All excess electricity flows back into the electric grid. When this happens, your meter spins backwards, building a credit on your bill. A system can be sized to build enough credit so that you no longer incur energy charges. And by using the electric utility for storage, there are no messy batteries to contend with.

A grid-tie system is an effective way to reduce your dependence on utility power, lower your electric bills, increase GREEN energy production and protect the environment.

Off-Grid/Stand Alone Systems

Whenever you don't have access to the utility grid, have a remote field application, or need an uninterruptible supply of power, off-grid/stand alone systems play a primary role. We specialize in deep-cycle lead-acid and sealed batteries. We will match them with an inverter and charging system to address your specific application.

Solar Modules, Components and Monitoring

EcoConsultants is a certified dealer and service agent for high quality Schüco solar products. In addition, we provide full sales and service capabilities for a comprehensive line of premium inverters, charge controllers, and for other system components and monitoring technology manufacturers.

Solar Panel Cleaning Kits

EcoConsultants is now offering solar cleaning kits. Did you know It is recommended that you clean your panels once every 3 months? A panel needs to be clean in order for it to operate at its rated capacity. When dirt, dust, and other particles collect on the panels, it creates a thin layer of film which decreases the efficiency. This kit includes all the tools you need to make it easy to clean your panels. Included in the kit is a washer/squeegee, washer strip, and 12 foot pole. An added bonus of a 6 gallon bucket is also included.

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