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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EcoConsultants?

EcoConsultants are a GREEN technology design, engineering and installation company with locations in the US and Europe.

How can EcoConsultants help me?

Whether you have a business or just want GREEN technology for your own home, we can provide you with the latest GREEN technology to save you money. Besides design and installation, we will also help you to connect your new systems to your electric grid, so you can receive credits for the electricity that you produce!

What technical knowledge do I need?

None. We’re always glad to supply any technical information you might want, but you definitely don’t have to become an expert. Most people enjoy monitoring their system to see what it’s doing, and we provide very convenient ways of doing this, but the fact is, our systems run just fine all by themselves.

How long does it take to get a return on my investment?

Each situation is different; generally within the first month of usage you will see significant savings in your electric bill charges. Tax advantages differ per state and EcoConsultants can provide you with further details upon inquiry.

Can I install solar myself?

It is best to go with an experienced installer. We can help you determine the right system for you, and make sure everything works properly. We are certified, assuring you of expert installation and service.

Is solar power for everybody? What if I live up north?

Anybody who has a good site can benefit from a solar energy system. Once you get it installed, the power is free. And solar isn’t just for the sunny south – solar works in all areas with sunlight. Our systems work efficiently in pretty much any climate.

Are solar energy systems vulnerable to weather?

Our modules and collectors have tempered safety glass set deep into heavy-duty frames, and our mounting system is extraordinarily robust. If properly installed, our systems are at least as strong as the roof they are mounted on, if not stronger.

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