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In the beginning of June 2009, 500 Mini-E’s were leased to municipalities and individuals in Southern California, New York, and New Jersey. The car's 380-volt battery back is comprised of 5,088 individual cells, and can be recharged using a standard 110-volt electrical outlet. The battery pack has a maximum capacity of 35 kilowatt hours. Specialized high-amp wall-mounted charging devices were also provided by BMW which allowed for a full recharge in less than three hours. (You can drive approximately 100 miles on a full charge).

EcoConsultants was one of the 500 proud individuals to take part in the Mini-E trial lease program, which started in 2008. The electric driving experience we have had with the Mini-E has been a great opportunity. Small, great handling, fun to drive and still the feeling of "efficient basic transportation" makes the Mini-E an all around great car.

Every few months, the Mini-E’s were brought in to be serviced and also for the driving data to be collected and studied.

This data is now being used to create a small all-electric car by 2013, called the Active-E.


Charging Stations

If you currently own or plan on purchasing an electric vehicle, you may also want to think about getting a charging station for it. This way, you can "fuel up" just by plugging it in at home.

You can have a charging station installed in your very own garage. These charging stations convert the AC power you receive from the power outlet on your wall into DC that the electric device can store in its batteries. For EVs, an onboard charging station means you could just plug your car into the same outlet as your computer.

An onboard charging station almost eliminates the inconvenience of finding a place to charge. You can juice up from your home outlets while you sleep, plug in at the homes of your friends and family when you visit them, even if they don't own an EV. And, you may be able to arrange power access while you're parked at work or school.

We work with several companies to offer various charging stations to best fit your needs.

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