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Our solar panel system not only represents a significant investment, but also allows you to earn a significant return on that investment. We mitigate your risks, making it prudent to select EcoConsultants as a system integrator.

We are a professional solar system integrator and hold ourselves to very high and exacting standards for technical expertise, project management, client communications, and workmanship all at a fair and competitive price.

We offer:

  • Technical expertise
  • Project management
  • Client communications
  • Exacting workmanship

Tested excellence

The quality of our solar products is second to none. Our systems are tested under simulations of vicious hail, torrential rain, high winds, and anything else the weather can dish out. You can have complete confidence in our solar products.

Fast installation

Utilizing commercial grade building technologies, we can install systems fast, with minimum impact on the roof and extremely short installation times.

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