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Residental Products

EcoConsultants is an authorized Schüco dealer. Schüco products are European designed, German-engineered, and provide outstanding performance. EcoConsultants believes that Schüco provides the best value for quality-conscious home and business owners.

EcoConsultants provides complete solar energy systems for residential and commercial installations. That means you get everything from one source, ensuring interoperability and greatly simplifying replacements and upgrades. It also means that the different elements of your Schüco solar energy system are optimized to give you the best total performance.

Electricity from Sunlight

Photovoltaic solar energy systems use sunlight to generate electricity. It lowers your utility bill, and helps reduce fossil-fuel consumption and global warming. A Schüco system lasts for many years, and adds to the value of your home.

How it works:

  • Sunlight hitting silicon cells in a module generates a direct current.
  • A switch protects the solar modules from grid power fluctuations.
  • The solar direct current goes from the solar modules to an inverter.
  • If there is extra solar current, the system feeds it to the utility grid, running the meter backwards.
  • If more power is needed, the switch draws power from the utility grid.

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The module turns solar radiation into electricity. Our PV modules have very high performance and long life. Each individual module is output tested before it leaves the factory, so you and your installer know exactly what it will deliver. We stand behind our modules with a 25 year warranty.* The anodized aluminum frame is corrosion- and torsion-proof, and the front is protected by tempered safety glass for durability. Our modules will look good on your home for the life of the system.

S MAU-1 Series

The SMAU-1 series of Schüco PV modules are distinguished by mono-crystalline solar cells with a cell efficiency of up to 16.8 % for high outputs per square meter of module area. The output tolerance of an SMAU-1 module is +3 / -3 %, only modules of the highest quality provide this level of reliability.

  • Higher efficiencies mean more power produced per square foot installed
  • Proven monocrystalline technology translates into longevity and bankability
  • Manufactured with high quality, robust materials
  • Comprehensive warranty ensures investment security and reliable system operation
  • Schüco racking systems are specially designed for Schüco modules, resulting in optimized PV package solutions

S MAU-1 Datasheet

MS-05 Series

The MS-05 series of Schüco PV modules are distinguished by mono-crystalline solar cells with a cell efficiency of up to 14.5 % for high outputs per square meter of module area. The output tolerance of an MS-05 module is -0/+5%, only modules of the highest quality provide this level of reliability.

  • Anti-reflective coatings
  • State of the art silver front contacts
  • Full coverage aluminum black contacts with black surface field
  • Aluminum alloy frames for maximum endurance

MS-05 Datasheet

String Inverters

The Sunny Boy 3000 / 4000 line of inverters has been engineered with the latest technology to increase energy efficiency. Schüco has designed this line of inverters to be aesthetically pleasing and compact for ideal residential use.

  • Certified to the new UL 1741 / IEEE 1547
  • 10 years standard warranty
  • Improved CEC efficiency
  • Integrated load-break rated DC disconnect switch
  • Integrated fused series string combiner
  • Sealed electronics enclosure & Opticool
  • Comprehensive SMA communications and data collection options
  • Ideal for residential or light commercial applications
  • Rugged cast aluminum outdoor-rated enclosure

Sunny Boy 3000 / 4000 Datasheet

Micro Inverters

Enphase Microinverters are designed for residential and commercial grid-tied solar applications.

Each microinverter attaches to the racking beneath the solar module and performs DC to AC power conversion on a per-module basis.

Microinverters are connected together in parallel AC branch circuits, and send performance information over the electrical wiring using powerline communications.


Based on Enphase’s third generation technology, the M215 incorporates the latest innovations in power electronics and custom microchips to deliver:

  • Higher efficiency
  • More power
  • Improved installation

M215 Datasheet

M190 & M210

Both the M190 & M210 make installation simple with a built-in cable that connects microinverters end-to-end to form a 15A branch circuit.

  • Compatible with 60-, 72- and 84-cell modules
  • Supports 240V single-phase and 208V three-phase applications
  • CEC efficiency of 95% and 95.5%
  • 15 year warranty

M190 Datasheet / M210 Datasheet

Solar Panel Cleaning Kits

EcoConsultants is now offering solar cleaning kits. Did you know It is recommended that you clean your panels once every 3 months? A panel needs to be clean in order for it to operate at its rated capacity. When dirt, dust, and other particles collect on the panels, it creates a thin layer of film which decreases the efficiency. This kit includes all the tools you need to make it easy to clean your panels. Included in the kit is a washer/squeegee, washer strip, and 12 foot pole. An added bonus of a 6 gallon bucket is also included.

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