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Residential Solar Incentives

EcoConsultants specializes in helping you manage your energy consumption, as well as helping you reduce or eliminate your energy bills. We will calculate the return on investment (ROI) for your GREEN energy system for you!

Public policies that apply to renewable energy systems:


The Federal investment tax credit (ITC) allows homeowners to take up to a 30% tax credit for the installation of a residential solar system. As part of the 2008 economic stimulus bill the ITC was extended for 8 years and residential cap of only $2000 was lifted.

State - The California Solar Initiative

Begun in 2007, the California Solar Initiative (CSI) provides rebates for the installation of grid-tied solar electric systems. The rebates decline on a defined schedule of ten steps, declining to $0 at the end of the program. To see the current rebate level within one of the three Investor Owned Utilities go to the CSI Trigger tracker website. To find rebates available for a municipal utility go directly to their website and look under their solar program information section.

For more information on the CSI go to the Go Solar California website.

Net Metering

With a non-solar account, an electric meter spins forward as it measures the amount of kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity a customer consumes.
With a solar account, an electric meter not only spins forward as it measures the amount of kWh a customer consumes, but can also spin backward as it measures the net amount of electricity a customer generates.

This happens when a solar customer generates excess electricity, or more electricity than the customer is currently consuming, and the excess electricity is diverted onto the utility’s electric grid.

The utility will read your meter once a month, recording the “net” amount of energy either consumed or generated over the entire month. If, in a given month, your solar system generates more electricity than you consumed, the excess energy will be credited to your account at the same rate that you would have been charged had you purchased that electricity.

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

REC transactions occur based on the production of clean power; utilities can purchase a specific number of RECs from clean power generators, including solar, to meet mandated Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS). RECs may also be traded on an open market to willing buyers. As of now there is not a stable market for RECs in California. But, it is anticipated that at some point in the future a market will exist and RECs will provide a revenue stream to renewable energy system owners.

What Makes us different?

Our biggest differentiator is our status as a professional solar system integrator. We combine our technical expertise, project management experience, exceptional client communication skills, exacting workmanship, and engineering discipline to give you a fully integrated solar package at a fair and competitive price.

EcoConsultants Referral Program

All EcoConsultants clients can generate a referral bonus. Send us a new customer and we will write you a check when their system is installed.

Client Referrals

All current EcoConsultants clients will receive $250 for each referral given to us

Partner Referrals

If you are an EcoConsultants partner, you will receive $500 for every referral given to us. Ask us about our strategic partnership program to get started!

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