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Ground-Breaking Technology

Since the early ‘90s, Schüco has been one of the innovators instrumental in making solar a mainstream technology. They are one of the few solar companies with expertise in photovoltaic, solar thermal, building-integrated solar products, solar cooling, and other innovative solar technologies. Hundreds of megawatts of Schüco systems generate clean, reliable energy around the world, in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Schüco Photovoltaic Systems

Schüco’s photovoltaic modules have outstanding sustained performance and durability. Schüco modules are known for high quality. Our minimum-tolerance output rating makes string sizing quick and easy. We offer integrated systems with pre-tested modules matched to highly efficient inverters, for maximum overall output. And since you get it all from one source, you don’t have to waste time trying to match various manufacturers’ products and dealing with multiple vendors.


Schüco provides the components for grid connected photovoltaic systems for electricity generation.

  • Photovoltaic module Generates electrical current from sunlight
  • Inverter Converts DC into AC household current
  • Household electric service panel
  • Bi-directional electric meter Mesures electricity sold to and consume from the electric utility company

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